Book Week

This week I received an invitation to the book week parade at the boys’ school.

As a kid, I LOVED book week.  There was honestly nothing better than getting all dressed up and strutting my stuff around the perimeter of the netball court for the book week parade.  I loved that parade nearly as much as I loved the one day a term I was given money to buy a hexi pie or pasty from the canteen.

You see, I had a creative mum.  She would happily sew sequins or ribbons, dye fabric or even iron on transfers to create magical costumes for me and my sister. She still gets out the puffy pens and hot glue gun when the occasion calls for it.

Unfortunately, the creative gene seems to have skipped a generation.

It’s ok, I have come to terms with my complete lack of crafty, creative skill.  And so it seems, have my children.

This realisation punched me in the face yesterday when the ten year old came home from school excitedly talking about this year’s book week theme: “Find Your Treasure”.  Apparently his class were talking about it in their library lessons, brainstorming ideas about possible costumes.  Predictably, there was a lot of talk about pirates.

While he was relaying the story I was mentally figuring out a pirate costume.  I was sure I have the remnants of a Captain Feathersword outfit shoved in a cupboard somewhere, and no doubt the $2 shop sells eye patches, right?

I was brought back to reality by him patting my arm and saying:

“It’s ok mum.  I told my teacher that you are not very creative so I asked if I could just come as Wimpy Kid”.

Most mothers would probably feel saddened by this, followed by a truckload of mum guilt.

Me?  Nah.

I was busily trying to remember where I put the Wimpy Kid t-shirt after my eldest son finished wearing it to last year’s book week parade (not to mention the 3 consecutive years before that).

You might call that shit parenting.  Or laziness.

I call it both.

But I also call it: “Building Resilience”.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love looking at the amazingly creative costumes that other people’s children parade around in on book week.  So do my kids.  In fact, I think they live vicariously through them.

“Mum, do you remember that kid’s Grug costume last year?  That was so detailed.  It was awesome!!”

“Yes, my son.  Yes it was.  We could add detail to your outfit by you wearing your backpack with your Wimpy Kid t-shirt if you like?”

Knowing that some of you absolutely love the book week parade while others of you share my sentiments, I would love for you to share in the comments your costume ideas for the parade, a photo of a creative costume you have put together in the past, or a costume fail (yes, please).  I will post the first pic in the comments of one of the costumes my mum created for me and my sister.  Enjoy!!

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